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ARRA networks

Our History

ARRA Milestones

Our decentralized last-mile infrastructure incorporates a plug and play platform that dramatically reduces the cost of delivering broadband to new areas. This is a complete solution with built-in billing, automated network management, and regulatory compliance.

Initial research begins at the Mesh Network Laboratory of Cambridge University
Chainreactor (rebranded in 2019 as ARRA) is formed around the design team - focused on developing mesh network technology associated with blockchain
  • Spectramesh is founded to assume mesh WIFI design responsibilities
  • Chainreactor/ARRA continues as the Sales entity
Mesh technology enters the market using TV White Space (TVWS) with extended range of 8-10 miles.
  • Refocused on 2.4 & 5GHz mesh technology, solidifying both our unique mesh technology and the Network Management System (NMS)
  • Modular board designed to incorporate multi-spectrum capability
  • Finalized the router design Received FCC certification for the Industrial Mesh Router
  • Completed integrating worldwide billing systems
  • Demonstrations across the globe, resulting in sales in five countries and the U.S.
Our People

The Team

Strategic Advisory Board

Dr. Arjuna Sathiaseelan


Cambridge University Mesh Network Laboratory

Dr. David Johnson


Chief Research Officer, The Vernonburg Group, South Africa.

Mike McRoberts


Sprint Executive (Ret.), Investor

What we strive towards

Mission & Technology

Mission & Technology

ARRA Networks Mission is to dramatically reduce the CAPEX and OPEX costs to enable cost effective Broadband Access for underserved urban, rural and Industrial IOT/Precision AG markets.

ARRA accomplishes this by seamlessly integrating FOUR technologies together in their Wireless Mesh Router Solutions:


Distributed Ledger

Innovative Blockchain-based decentralized Network Management and Billing System with full and accurate Local Taxation Support.​


Fractal AI Antenna

A single ARRA fractal AI antenna can be used to serve many functions simultaneously. This includes multiple frequencies, multiple directions, and multiple beam patterns at the same time.


Industrial Mesh

Open Source Wireless Mesh Technology with SON for automated provisioning that enables multiple hops with less than 2% bandwidth loss per hop supporting Industrial Scaling.


Modular Frequency

Full modular support for all wireless spectrum to ensure a future proof, cost effective spectrum support design.

The Network Operator wraps their Offers and their IP Backhaul from their Cell Towers, Small Cells or Satellite IP Service to deploy the ARRA Networks Industrial Mesh Network as an element of their Broadband Solution/Offer at upwards of 10-20% of the current network CAPEX/OPEX cost enabling more cost-effective offers for Work-at-Home/Learn-at-Home/Telemedicine and Industrial IOT/Precision AG opportunities.

Our Strategic Partnerships

Who We Serve

While the applications for our long-range, self-healing, and monetized mesh WIFI routers are innumerable, our target markets have resolved into six main deployment schemas:

  • U.S. based rural ISP’s and COOP’s – the demand for connectivity to farms and the small-town USA is enormous and is supported by several large federal and state funding initiatives. Our platform provides an economical – yet high-profit complement to trenching fiber backhaul down every country road in America. We have had significant interest from a number of small to large telcos and ISPs, and are beginning to negotiate terms with two organizations.
  • Government sponsored WIFI distribution in underserved communities outside of the U.S.. While the economic layer is an attractive option in these use-cases as it enables micro economies, it isn’t a necessary component for success when funding is provided by NGOs or charitable organizations. World Bank Funding to Uganda is a prime example of this type of deployment.
  • Sales of both routers and backhaul by existing international Telcos or other organizations (perhaps established for this purpose) in specific territorial markets. License and exclusivity fees precede router sales, but guarantee an entities rights to market the technology within their region.
  •  US State, Federal, and military sales. Applications that we are pursuing include; military training support, Border Wall augmentation for connectivity and sensor data retrieval/management, emergency response at FEMA, tactical and operational deployment, etc.
  •  Urban 5G deployment (domestic and international)
  • Schools and Education Connectivity (Domestic and International)
Our People

Paul Egermeier

  • ACTT – VP OPERATIONS 2015- 2017
  • APPRIO – COO 2013- 2015
  • DIGITAL MANAGEMENT, INC (DMI) – Vice President 2009- 2011
  • ACTIONET – COO 2008-2009
  • ITS CORPORATION – COO 1999 – 2006
  • GTE/GD – Divisional CFO/Business Area Director 1991 – 1999
  • SECURITY IMAGING CORPORATION – Chief Technical Officer 1990 – 1991
  • MBA – Pepperdine University
  • BA – California State University, Northridge
Our People

Sonny Vleisides​

  • Led BF Labs Inc, VP Product Development, 2010 – 2017
  • Designed and manufactured encryption processors for the banking, security and blockchain industry.
  • Education: University of Missouri-Kansas City

Sonny serves as the CTO of ARRA Networks. He is an experienced Vice President of Product Development with a strong history of success in the fields of semiconductor design, blockchain architecture, telecommunications protocols development and encryption innovation. Skilled in Scalability, Enterprise Software, Entrepreneurship, Business Development, and System Architecture. In addition to this, he is a strong product management professional.

He has led multiple teams in development, and production of long-range mesh WIFI. He has also served as a consulting engineer for new project developments related to semiconductor design, encryption systems, blockchain architecture, telecommunications protocols, and mesh networking.  Developing/managing software and hardware development plans, as well as productionization of routers.

Our People

James Lanshe

Corporate Secretary

Jim Lanshe has been actively involved in law and technology investment for over twenty-five years. He has previously served as the chief executive of a fund services company administering over six billion dollars in fund assets and currently serves as the non-executive Chairman of Oppenheimer Resources SA, a Luxembourg-based SICAV-SIF. He has been a partner at O’Connor, Cavanagh, Anderson, Westover, Killingworth & Beshears (now Greenberg Traurig) in Phoenix, Arizona, and, also served as an assistant dean and faculty member at Seton Hall University School of Law where he taught domestic and international securities regulation and corporate finance. Jim has served on numerous civic and charitable boards, and also served as an administrative aide to the former United States Senate Minority Leader, Hugh Scott.

He is a graduate of Georgetown University (B.A), Cornell University School of Law (JD), Harvard University (MPA), University of Hawaii (MBA), and Cardiff University (MPhil). He is admitted to practice law in the states of Arizona, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and the District of Columbia, as well as various federal courts including the Supreme Court of the United States. Jim previously served as a captain in the United States Marine Corps Office of the Staff Judge Advocate during which time he held a State Department appointment as a United States representative to the courts of Japan.

Our People

Sean Lee

COO - Director Spectramesh
  • BS & BA in Biology and Psychology from UC Irvine
  • Master degree in education from USC
  • Board of Advisor for SheerID whose customers include Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Disney, Best Buy, Home Depot, Digital River to name some of the many clients this platform serves
  • Former high school science and math teacher at LAUSD
  • Founded LSPM in 1994, a precious metals refinery company based out of Los Angeles, which grew into a major precious metals exchange and custom refinery service business.

Sean serves as the CCO of ARRA Networks. He is responsible for the operations and infrastructure, including financial planning, business activities, organizational performance, and daily operations. As a well versed business leader, Sean has experience in every aspect of the growth of the company with a background covering across film, real estate, finance, technology, marketing, cloud storage, data, telecom and various SaaS industries. Sean strategically advises investment and business as well as advising on various deals, future valuation and the exit strategy of each company.

Our People

Scott Jeffcoat

Sr. Vice President of Sales

Scott is the Sr. Vice President of Sales for ARRA Holdings. Over 28 years, he has been successful at every sales role that he has played: Individual Contributor, Regional Sales Manager, Director of Sales North and South America, Vice President of Sales WW, Executive Vice President of Sales. Scott has played these roles with companies that are billion-dollar companies as well as start-up companies. He was responsible for providing the revenue and customer base needed to take two of the start-ups he worked for to a public offering.

Our People

Kyong Pak

Director of RF and Electrical Engineering

Senior Electrical Engineer specializing in integration with a strong background in power, analog, and wireless for industrial and consumer markets. His vast experiences include:

  • Intellifarms – Senior Electrical Engineer
    (Industry leader in designing grain bin management solutions)
  • Parker McCrory Manufacturing – Chief Engineer
    (World’s oldest electric fencer manufacturing company.)
  • SGS North America – Test Engineer III
    (World’s largest test, inspection, and verification company.)
  • SYSTEMS MATERIAL HANDLING – Electrical Engineering Manager & Materials Specialist
    (World’s largest distributor and manufacturer of quality replacement parts and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industry.)
  • TRISQUARE COMMUNICATIONS Inc – Staff Design Engineer
    (Designed and Manufacturer of 80% of the FRS two-way radios made worldwide. Private labeling for such companies as Motorola, Uniden and GE.)
  • SKYGEAR – Technical Manager
    (Local retail pager repair and selling company )
  • MAXON SYSTEM Inc. – Engineering Technician/Design Engineer
    (Manufacture of various consumer RF communication products such as pagers and cordless phones. With production of their own product line and private label products in Asia.)


His knowledge in design and product design includes these and more:

Microcontroller (various)
Electronic Timing Devices (TCXO)
Switching and Linear power supplies
Flasher design both LED and Xeon
RF (various consumer)
UL 508A Training
RF Communication products
High Voltage products
UL746C Polymeric Materials – Used in Electrical Equipment Evaluations